2014 Race Results

What an amazing race this year! Our largest group ever- over 70 runners and check out the speed of these amazing Team Jardina athletes- I am immensely proud of everyone on Team Jardina this year!

Here is the Hall of Fame from the 2014 Half Marathon and 5K :

Fastest Half Marathon Runner: Scott Nelson 1:26:19, 7th in his division and 61 overall!!
Other notables- Chris McIlvoy 1:31:29 and Rob Joines 1:42:18. We also must acknowledge Henry (Fred) Walburn, age 70, who placed 9th in his age group! AWESOME!

Team Jardina rocked the 5K !
For 19 and under girls 2nd place was Annie Jardina and 3rd place Elizabeth Jardina!

For 19 and under boys Henry Cozart finished 4th, Hudson Walburn 6th and Gunter Walburn 10. Also finishing strong were Jake and Joey Connell.

And Top 10 finishes for adults include:
Joe Daniels- 10th for his age group!
Lisa Dwyer was 7th for her age group!
Jamie Morrison (big) was 10th for his age group!
Claudia Venable was 3rd for her age group!
And last but not least….Ann Mitchell placed 1st for her age group!!

Way to go Team! Our team is registered for 2015 so don’t stop! Keep on running!!