2014 Mark Jardina Golf Classic

I am so pleased to write about our most successful Mark Jardina Golf Tournament thus far with much appreciation to all that participated this year!

Once again the tournament was a sell out with many of the same people that have participated every year plus a bunch of new faces too! The weather was perfect and Ansley’s Settindown Course was in incredible condition. It seemed like everyone enjoyed the hamburgers, brats and hot dogs fresh off the grill as well as the King of Pop’s Popsicles……plus there was a lot of adult beverages and Coke products consumed too.

From a monetary standpoint, this was the most successful tournament by far. This is the result of the generosity of all of the players as well as a much larger group of sponsors. The final tally for the MAJ Foundation was a little over $34,000!!!! 100% of these proceeds will be used to help underprivileged children to have more fun and to live a healthier lifestyle through sports and a more active life. Mark would be so proud!!!

The results from the golf are below:

1st – Jon Barry, Brandon Farley, Steve Strickland, Mike O’Shea 121 (Scorecard Playoff)
2nd – Charlie Boswell, Dan Gibson, Carl Plowdon, Chad Payne 121
3rd – Chris George, Chip Gonzales, Jeff Cosman, Mike Last 122

Close Ups
#5 – Chuck Haynie
#7 – Angelo Defilice
#12 –Greg Berthelot
#18 – Miles Young

Long Drive
#6 – Phil Van Hull

We hope to see everyone again next year !